Happy Solstice

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Happy solstice, everyone. Now the dark half of the year has started (unless you’re reading this in Argentina or Australia, of course), the nights are drawing in and we are all spending more time inside. Some of us are making … Continued

We Listen, but Do We Hear?

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Do you drive every day? Or do you walk down the road with earphones stuck in your ears? If, like most of us, you drive or walk at about the same time most days, you can use this time to … Continued

Do It Yourself – 2

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Because of Murphy’s Law, I found out something new about learning for yourself just after I posted the article yesterday. It’s about listening and it comes from a book I was reading about how to learn better. I am always … Continued

Do It Yourself

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There’s only one way for a grown-up to learn something and that is to take charge of the whole task. Learning a language is a big thing not a simple fact of sitting in a classroom, brain half-asleep, and expecting … Continued

Summer Reading on the Beach

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Time for summer reading. Are you going on holiday? Everyone else is. If you’re going to the beach or the family village you need something to entertain you during the slow parts of the day, and what better than to … Continued

How to Read

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One of my friends, Goalkeeper, asked me the other day about how to read efficiently in English. It was a good question and I’m going to answer as best I can. First, let’s talk about the traditional way. You look … Continued

Audiobooks for Busy Drivers

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How many hours a week do you drive? You know it’s a good time to spend listening. Some people like the radio, and in a later post I’ll tell you about some of the good podcasts I’ve found. It’s sort … Continued