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Peter – Zaragoza Conversation

Driving on the Right (Side)

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I have long mentioned that the reason we drive on the left (which is the right side) and not the right (which is the wrong side) is because we English are all descended from knights. When the time came to … Continued

Listen to Me

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If you spend your life driving around, you could listen to V**** (rhymes with ‘yawn’) Radio, but you might want to listen to something better that’s more fun. Here’s a website that offers FREE audiobooks for you to download. http://www.openculture.com/freeaudiobooks … Continued


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So what’s the best way of learning a language? This fantastic lady speaks a load of languages and I have to say her English is wonderful. I listen to every word she speaks and she makes me want to learn … Continued

Clever fellow

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You think you need a brain to learn how to speak English? Think again. Here is a fellow with a very little brain and he’s doing fine. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/parrot-alexa-amazon-shopping_n_5c159050e4b05d7e5d8290ee?guccounter=1

English Cuisine

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You know that some people think modern corporate food is rubbish and not wonderful for the body. But I found that appalling food is not new at all. Corporations have been trying it on (phrasal verb) for years. These were … Continued

English, British or What?

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Some people are occasionally confused to find out that England, Britain, and the United Kingdom don’t mean the same thing. They are also a little discombobulated to find that the Irish country and the Irish island are not the same … Continued


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It seems that some people take their grammar seriously. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-39459831/meet-the-grammar-vigilante-of-bristol By the way, the rule of apostrophes in English is simple. An apostrophe /aPOStrefi/ means something is missing. A long long looooong time ago when English was German, the genitive … Continued

Mutant Pigs

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There has been a terrible pig problem in China and they’ve had to kill most of their pigs, so this is one of their solutions. Imagine how many sausages this fellow can make. Is this a good idea? we wonder. … Continued

Happy Solstice

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Happy solstice, everyone. Now the dark half of the year has started (unless you’re reading this in Argentina or Australia, of course), the nights are drawing in and we are all spending more time inside. Some of us are making … Continued

We Listen, but Do We Hear?

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Do you drive every day? Or do you walk down the road with earphones stuck in your ears? If, like most of us, you drive or walk at about the same time most days, you can use this time to … Continued