Do It Yourself – 2

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Because of Murphy’s Law, I found out something new about learning for yourself just after I posted the article yesterday. It’s about listening and it comes from a book I was reading about how to learn better. I am always interested in how to learn better and faster, and there is some fine knowledge out there.

This book was written by a university professor of psychology who has spent his whole professional life on studying how we learn and how we become experts. Maybe he knows something.

Deep in the book there is a simple trick I now pass on to you. I have not done it myself, but I encourage you to try it out for a few weeks and find out how you get on.

Then you can tell us about it.

What he suggests is watching the same English film over and over again. Watch the story without subtitles and try to understand. He says – and this I don’t know – that students improve their listening much quicker than if they watch a number of different films.

So there you have it. Better find a film you really like.

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  1. That’s a good idea I hadn’t thought of!!!!!
    We all have a favourite film we never get tired of watching!!!!!
    I will tell you if it works in a few weeks.
    Thanks a lot.

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