English Cuisine

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You know that some people think modern corporate food is rubbish and not wonderful for the body. But I found that appalling food is not new at all. Corporations have been trying it on (phrasal verb) for years.

These were real food ideas that companies invested in. Yum yum.

1. Reddi-Bacon was foiled wrapped bacon that you put into your toaster. It was tested in 1964 but since it was a serious fire hazard combined with a great way to render your toaster useless because of the leaking grease, it didn’t catch on.

2. Jelly (Jell-O) that was coffee flavoured was an attempt to combine a dessert with an after dinner coffee. It didn’t catch on either, mostly because it tasted like (insert scatological word here.)

3. Also in the ‘tasted like shyte’ category were the 2002 monstrosity ‘Funky Fries’. French fries that came in chocolate, cinnamon and ‘blue’ (is that a flavour?) varieties. Failed. Badly.

4. Gerber Singles failed for a different reason. They failed because they reminded you that you were indeed single, and alone. These pureed meals out of a jar from 1974 for one person also looked like adult baby food.

Kind of makes Pringles seem like a good idea eh? (despite the fact that Pringles are VAT exempt in the UK because they contain very little actual potato!)

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