Happy Solstice

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Happy solstice, everyone. Now the dark half of the year has started (unless you’re reading this in Argentina or Australia, of course), the nights are drawing in and we are all spending more time inside. Some of us are making friends with our sofas again and soon we will be turning the heating on.

What better time to look at movies? And what better time to look at English movies and enjoy yourself in English?

So what are you going to look at without spending your beer money? Here are some of the things I’ve found.

First, I went to YouTube, of course. Truly horrible but then I got an idea. A lot of search terms don’t work very well on the site, but I spent an hour there so you don’t have to. You can buy me a beer later. Thanks.

english thriller movies full with subtitles

english romance movies full with subtitles

english war movies full with subtitles

english comedy movies full with subtitles

You get the idea.

These are the search terms that worked best for me. You’re welcome.

Cheers, everyone.

PS I suddenly discovered something else that may be fun. There is a site that has an app so you can download videos from YouTube with whatever subtitles you choose.


I have no idea about this site, so I suggest you look into it a bit.

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