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We will talk about listening, which is so important and such fun. We will talk about what you like to hear and we will organise the best listening program for you. You can never listen too much when you are learning a language. So why not have fun with it?

If you talk to people who speak many languages, you will find that they never learn languages the official way. They never go to an academy with thirty other people doing grammar exercises and filling in the blanks. If you research these people, as I have done, you will find that the most important thing is to listen, listen, and listen some more. You must listen in quiet places and in noisy places. You must listen to people who speak beautifully like actors, and people who mumble in a quiet voice. You must listen to many accents.

The good news is that these days it’s easy. You can listen to English with your computer whenever you want. There is plenty of it. There is enough English in your house to listen for a million lifetimes.

The other news is that you need time. Let us be candid here. If anyone offers you a course or a “revolutionary new method to learn English”, they are lying. They are not interested in you or in teaching you. They just want your money.

I tell all my students that people need a thousand hours of listening to get to understand a language well.

After the listening, comes the talking.