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Why should you learn to pronounce English well? Because it is the first and most important thing that people notice.

When you first meet someone and you just say a few words, will they notice your small vocabulary or your weak grammar? Not usually. But they will notice instantly if your pronunciation is bad. In fact, if it is really bad, they won’t listen. They may smile at you but they won’t listen.

This is the experience of one learner.

“Whenever I spoke to someone in England, they kept saying “What? What?”. This happened in shops, in pubs, on the streets, everywhere. I would repeat my sentence again and again and again. Suddenly they would say “Ah-ha!” and then say my sentence, using exactly my words! It was horrible and frustrating.. I knew my words and grammar were good, but nobody could understand me.”

Say It RIGHT is a pronunciation course, not an academic phonetics course. Yes, you will learn the phonetic symbols but that is not the aim of the course.

The aim is that when you speak, a native English speaker will understand you instantly and correctly. They will know exactly what you are saying. And you won’t hurt their ears.

The course is six hours long and at the end of it, you will have practised all the sounds of English until you dream of them at night. For your mouth, it will be like learning a new sport. It is six sessions of one hour each, twice a week at the same time for three weeks.

Unlike most courses, we do not start with paper. We start with the sounds themselves, with real words. Again and again until I am happy that a native would understand you instantly.

That is the aim of the course.

Then you will say the same words again but this time with a piece of paper in front of you with the phonetic symbols, not with the written words. Your tongue will get into many knots before you finish.

At last, you will see the words in print. And for most people, it’s a surprise. ‘I know this word,’ they say. But they didn’t. They only knew the ghost on paper.

We will do all the consonants, all the tricky consonant combinations, and the twenty vowels and diphthongs.

At the end of the course,

• You will have practised all the sounds in the language literally a thousand times so your lips and tongue and jaw now know exactly what to do

• A native will understand you when you speak

• You will understand spoken English much much better

• You will know the phonetic symbols, which will help you with dictionaries when you look up new words. Once your mouth knows the symbols you will be able to say a new word with confidence.

• And you will have a written course along with a CD of my voice doing everything on the course, so you can repeat it at home as often as you want to really help you with speaking and with listening.

The better you speak, the better you hear.
The better you hear, the better you speak.

The cost to the public is €60 but the cost to my students is €48.

Contact me if you want to know when the next course is.