Summer Reading on the Beach

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Time for summer reading. Are you going on holiday? Everyone else is. If you’re going to the beach or the family village you need something to entertain you during the slow parts of the day, and what better than to have something fun to read on your phone or possibly your iPad thingy?

And it would be even better if it were free, gratis, and for no money. So here are some places where you can download freebies. I don’t know what you like because I am me and not you, so I chose places with a wide range. If I were you I would spend a lot of time because there are something like 400 pages to choose from.

First, if you’re not used to this, or you don’t have an ebook reader, you need to download a reading app for your tablet or phone (or both). You can get it here from Amazon free and it will cost you no money.

Once you have done that, you can go to the Amazon free ebook pages and try your luck. I suggest you spend half an hour or so, looking for books that look fun. It’s summer. You’re reading for fun, not for duty. No one cares what you read so just go for it.

After that you might want to go here or here. They all have lots of books for your device so you can just load up.

One of my friends is very happy with her Kobo reader, so you might want to look into it. They also have a free app to help you along.

How to read? That’s easy. Read for summer. Read it for fun. If it’s boring, stop. Then open another one. Don’t take notes or anything. That’s for the dark hours of autumn and winter.

A great rock and roll philosopher once said there are only two things in life – fun and boring.

So there you are. Happy holidays! Have fun, and then more fun.


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